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Yes, there is such a thing as a standard pillowcase size. And lucky you, we are here to discuss and share with you everything about the dimensions of a standard pillow case! Read on and learn everything about custom standard pillow case sizes.

There are a lot of options available in the market for pillowcases. And truth, there are numbers of varied pillow shapes and sizes due to equating to the diverse preferences and needs of people. But have you ever thought of what is the right size for you? Well, there are no complications in this matter, honestly. The concept is simple and easy. You just have to remember some things while searching for the right pillowcases size.

Why do you need a pillowcase?

The first thing is to know why you need a pillow case. Well, for different reasons, of course, such as:

1. To protect the pillow. Admittedly, pillows are one of the favorite things we love to cuddle and bring around. It gives us comfort and joy. But there are instances that we could cause some spill or stains that would ruin the pillow. Thankfully, pillow cases are made. They are made to cover pillows and protect them from wear, tears, and dirt.

2. To adorn pillows. With pillowcases, you can wrap cushions with different designs and prints. You can redecorate your homes and push through an aesthetic theme. There are many designs you can choose from. You can work on your creative juices and make wanders with your pillowcases.

3. To protect you. Sleeping directly on pillows exposes you to its fillings. This may cause allergies in some cases. As pillow fillings may trigger allergic reactions, it is always better to protect yourself from them by covering them with a pillow case.

4. It is cleaning convenience. Pillowcases are easy to remove and wash rather than washing the pillow and drying it. It will require you much effort and more time. Cleaning the pillow frequently might cause it to get damaged easily. Getting a good pillow case in the right shape and size extends the life of your favorite pillows, too.

What are the Standard Pillowcase sizes?

You can’t protect pillows if the size is not correct. Make sense? How can a pillow be safeguarded if the pillowcase is smaller than it is? How can you say it is perfectly adorned if the pillowcase is more significant than the pillow? In this matter, we need to note standard pillowcase sizes to establish the goal we envision for our pillowcase project. 

Standard Size Pillowcase – standard pillowcase is the most common size. They have measurements of 20 inches by 26 inches. Ideally, they are meant for smaller beds, but they can also fit for pillows on queen bed sizes. But note that they may be smaller than your liking.

Queen Size Pillowcase: This is bigger than the standard size at 20 inches by 30 inches. This pillow case size will fit a queen-size pillow. Though you can slip a queen-size pillow into a standard pillowcase, it will only look forced.

King-Size Pillowcase: A king-sized pillow is perfect for a large or king-sized bed. And, of course, a king-sized pillowcase will perfectly fit on the pillows! This is the largest size at 20 inches by 36 inches in measurements.

The above are the common types of pillow sizes and pillow cases. However, other types of pillows need a different standard pillowcase size. Here are those:

Body Pillows: This type of pillow is the longest of them all. And it requires a lot longer and more significant pillow case than all the standard sizes mentioned above. It usually sits 20 inches by 54 inches in height. This pillow type is common for people who are side sleepers. Body pillow gives them added support and increases sleep quality. Because of its length, it can set its end beneath the head and through the neck. While the other can be tucked between the legs.

Throw Pillows – A type of decorative pillow with various shapes and sizes. It could be hard to state a standard size for this decorative piece at such a fact. Therefore, most are customized and unique, but most are square-shaped. Many use it to adorn their sofas and even their bed. Though it could not be ideal to sleep on, others use it to elevate some body parts as they lay in bed to relieve pressure. 

Euro Pillows – from the name itself, Euro pillows are called its name because it was popularized in Europe. It is a large, square pillow that usually measures 26 inches by 26 inches. In America, it is used as a decorative pillow that helps in back support while reclining on a sofa or bed. 

Travel Pillows – of course, bringing a nice pillow throughout your travels near or abroad would be a great comfort. But we are not talking about your extra-large bed pillows at home here. There are travel pillows made especially for an easy, comfortable travel buddy. It is compact and comes in C or rectangular shape that fits your neck right. Travel pillows usually measure 12 inches by 16 inches. Surprisingly, there are also specialty pillow cases that are made for this type of pillow as well.

How to choose the correct standard pillowcase size?

From the above list, we can see several pillow types which also require different pillowcases. Now, we are down to choosing the right size of pillowcases for you. Here are the points you need to remember:

1. Identify your bed’s pillow size – we now know that there are different pillow sizes. And these options are primarily because we also have a variety of bed sizes.

2. Match the bed size to your pillow size – For example, if you have a king-sized bed, it is expected to have a king-sized pillow and a king-sized pillow case, right?

3. Think of conformity – Standard and king size is the two pillowcases size available with most manufacturers. The standard-size pillowcases usually fit the Standard, super-standard, and queen-size pillows. A quick tip when choosing the right size is to always go for a more oversized pillow case to allow the cushion to fluff and easily conform.

How bigger is the dimension of standard pillow case than its pillows?

One last important thing you need to know before finding the correct pillow case spree is how much bigger the pillowcase should be. Well, at least one or two inches larger than the pillow itself. This should be the case to refrain the pillow from quickly slipping or fitting snuggly. Indeed, you will have a comfortable sleep all along.

Where to find the best pillowcases?

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