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Dog Bandana Size Guide [2021]-1

Dogs need bandanas for different reasons. Some dogs wear them for fashion or style, while others require them for their safety or protection. The dog bandana is a square or rectangular cloth that is attached to or tied around the dog’s neck for design, comfort, or personality enhancement.

However, choosing the right size can be quite a headache for pet owners. Dog owners have to find a dog bandana size that works for their beloved pals, though.

To make your life easier in choosing the right size, we provide you with this dog bandana size guide with the following methods and reference tables for you to quickly select the most perfect dog bandana size.

There are two measuring methods for your reference: one is to measure the neck circumference of your pet, and the other is to estimate its weight. You can use these two data to refer to our size chart below for size selection.

2 Measuring Methods

There are two measuring methods for your reference: one is to measure the neck circumference of your pet, and the other is to estimate its weight. You can use these two data to refer to our size chart below for size selection.

    Measure Your Dog’s Neck Size

One way to get a more accurate dog bandana size is to measure the neck circumference of your pet. It is highly recommended to measure your little one’s neck with a soft measuring tape or rope (if you don’t have a tape measure, use a piece of string and then measure the string with a ruler). Leave some extra fluff or sewing space at around 2 fingers room to ensure that it can fit comfortably between the bandana and pup’s neck. This way, when you put the bandana on them, there will be enough room so that it doesn’t hurt their sensitive necks.

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    Estimate Your Dog’s Weight

Another approach is to measure your dog’s weight. Here I will provide you with the easiest way to weigh your puppy. First, you need to prepare a weight scale, and then ask the dog to stand up on it obediently, and the data displayed is exactly its weight. If he or she does not cooperate, you can weigh yourself first, and then stand up with the dog to weigh together. The obtained data minus your own weight is the final data we want. Of course, this weighing method is also suitable for your cats.

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Pick the Perfect Size for Your Dog

After getting the dog’s neck circumference (the data after adding the two-finger space ) and weight, we can refer to the following size charts to select the appropriate dog bandana size. Usually, those online websites that sell dog bandanas will indicate the length and drop of various sizes, as we do on We only need to focus on whether their length matches the neck size (with the extra 2-finger room) we need. Here I will take 4inBandana’s dog bandanas as an example to show you how to choose the perfect dog bandana size based on the two data we just obtained.

    4 Optional Sizes of Best Dog Bandana on provides you with 4 optional sizes:

       · XS(extra small)

         Length: 17 inches

         Drop: 7 inches

         Suggested Breeds: Chihuahua, Shih Tzu, Bichon, Pomeranian, Mini Poodle and little puppies

dog bandana size guide-4
      · S(small)

         Length: 21 inches

         Drop: 8.66 inches

         Suggested Breeds: Spaniel, Beagle, Poodle, Pug, Corgi and Shiba Inu

dog bandana size guide-5
      · M(medium)

         Length: 26 inches

         Drop: 12.2 inches

         Suggested Breeds: Pit Bull, Australian Shepherd and Border Collie

dog bandana size guide-6
      · L(large)

         Length: 31 inches

         Drop: 14.57 inches

         Suggested Breeds: Labrador, Golden retriever, Husky and larger dogs

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Dog Bandana Size Guide by Neck Size and Weight

Dog Bandana Size Guide by Neck Size and Weight -

Here I give you examples of how to use the chart above. If you want to buy dog bandanas for a Corgi weighing 22 lbs and its neck circumference is around 15 inches, then you should choose the S size for this little Corgi according to the chart. Or if you are buying for a husky weighing 85lbs whose neck size is 24 inches or so, the L size will perfect enough.

Dog Bandana Size Guide by Breeds

If you are not the owner of the dog, or that is to say you want to buy dog bandanas as gifts for the dog families, you will not be able to get accurate neck circumference or weight information or even get access to the dogs.

Don’t worry, I have listed the most common and popular dog breeds in the United States, the corresponding information, and recommended sizes for you. You can flexibly choose the size according to your gift receivers.

Choose the Most Comfortable & Stretchy Fabric

From the perspective of the dog owner, the key to choosing a dog bandana is not only the right size, but also the comfortable fabric.

The most common fabrics for dog bandanas on the current market are cotton and polyester. In my opinion, their elasticity is not good enough to provide us with flexible size options. Fortunately, we are glad to see that 4inBandana has cleverly selected different fabrics. 4inBandana offers 2 kinds of fabrics that have better elasticity as well as a more comfortable sense of use than neither cotton nor polyester: milk-silk and Lycra.

4inBandana divides these two fabrics into ordinary type and a premium one. Milk-silk is the former, and Lycra is the latter. Although their milk-silk dog bandana is called ordinary, it has better elasticity, more breathable fabric, and more solid color printing than those conventional products on the market. As for their high-end Lycra dog headscarf, in addition to the above advantages, there are more delicate seams and silky touches, which is a perfect selection for giving away.

Hope you can successfully choose the most suitable dog bandanas through this article. If you have any questions about selecting a dog bandana, please feel free to contact us at [email protected], or call us at 1-858-255-4399.

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