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Bandanas are traditionally made to protect from dust and sweat. There have been many associations on bandanas that shy’s away from their primary usage. They are used by organizations symbolization, gang culture, and now recently, as a fashionable trend. From its root word meaning “to tie”, we can now see people wearing custom bandanas on the neck, head, wrist, and even on bags in different colors. Different bandana colors have different meanings, so understanding bandana color meanings will help us to wear a bandana correctly on different occasions.

Is it bad to wear a color bandana?

Though it has had associations with gang culture in the past this common conceptualization has slowly gone down. Nowadays, a bandana has become a trendy piece that basically upbeats any outfit on any occasion. Many loves how it gives a rock-and-roll effect on their overall look in an instant, a definite quick and effortless way to style up your everyday look.

Bandanas are a versatile piece that anyone can wear. A bandana can surely rock on the look, whether casual, form, sports attire, or others. It turns into an accessory for outdoor fun but transpired to be openly used for many other purposes. It is an accessory worn for anything all year round!

How to wear a bandana?

There are different ways on how to style and wear bandanas. Since people have been a bit experimental and adventurous about fashion and style, the simple bandana has gone through some changes and ways to rock on even a casual look. It can be tied to your neck loosely. Or on your wrist to give that chill and refreshing vibe. Or as a headband to attain a chic and girly bliss. Most men also accentuate their formal suits with a bandana pocket square that adds a unique flair to the ensemble.


Wearing a bandana on the head is common nowadays. You can see sportsmen, sailors and even fashionable people wearing bandanas like this. Admirably, they are not just to protect one’s head from the hot sickening sun. It is also a piece of cloth that has become a favorite fashion accessory that matches almost any outfit. A definite two-in-one!

Head bandana is one of the most favorite and practical ways to wear bandanas. It can also be worn as a face mask. Wearing a bandana to cover the nose, mouth, and neck has become popular today because of the Covid19 pandemic. Though its level of protection is incomparable to a surgical or N95 mask, it can be a good substitute if you have nothing on hand for the time being.

Bandanas offer protection from harsh particles or toxic fumes that can get into your lungs. It can also be an ideal protective accessory for people who are into winter sports. Bandanas can protect them from the cold and wind. They can also be protective gear for those people who frequent the outdoors. It can filter UV radiation. And best worn when you are engaged in a sports activity.

What do bandana color meanings?

Bandanas are square-sized pieces of cloth used for many purposes. It is a simple accessory that symbolizes many things such as love, friendships, enemies, music, and even gangs. Here are bandana colors and their meanings.


What does a black bandana mean?

A black bandana means association or membership to gang association.

Bandana Color Meanings-1

What does a red bandana mean?

Red bandanas can be associated back to the history of the gang’s Crips and Bloods. They are rival gangs who wear different colors to signify their group. Crips are blue, and the Bloods are men in the red bandana. But today, the red bandana has become famous for its flexibility and the attitude it exudes. It can turn any simple outfit into something chic and fab.

Bandana Color Meanings-2

What does a yellow bandana mean?

Way back in the days of gangs and groups, yellow bandanas are associated with the Latin Kings and Vice Lords. Today, wearing a yellow-colored bandana would mean supporting cancer warriors and living strong. 

What does a purple bandana mean?

Another gang color bandana is purple. It is used by the Grape Street Crips, a sub-set of the Crips gang. There are some areas as well that recognizes purple bandanas for Saints. And some would identify it simply as a personal color choice of wearing a bandana. That they think the color purple fits them the most. 

Bandana Color Meanings-3

What does a blue bandana mean?

A blue bandana stands for the Gangster Disciples or the Crips

What does a white bandana mean?

A white bandana has become a statement piece. Today, it symbolizes to show unity. As the fashion industry embarks on another magnificent show amidst the danger and uncertainty of the time, they have launched the #tiedtogether movement. They support solidarity, inclusiveness, and human unity. Therefore, wearing a white bandana would mean you are an advocate and a believer of the common bonds of humankind, regardless of sexuality, nationality, race, religion, or gender. 

What does an orange bandana mean?

An orange bandana goes for the small gang H3AT on the East Coast of New Jersey. Their name was about the police in which are called the “heat”. Three generals are running the gang. Thus, they changed the “e” into “3” to represent them. It generally denotes the color of fire or flame. 

What does a green bandana mean?

There are a couple of gangs associated with the green bandana. Today, a famous Green Bandana Project has changed the perception of a colored-green bandana. Wearing it means advocating to help people who are experiencing mental illness. The effort shows many ways and means to seek help and be more aware of the vast resources available. 

Bandana Color Meanings-4

What Color of Bandana is Safe to Wear?

Many would suggest staying away with the colors: blue, red, yellow, and black when wearing a bandana. Choose for print bandanas or those with patterns not associated with these gangs. And just to be safe, do not wear bandanas in solid colors.

How to Use Bandanas Nowadays?

The present-day has given us the freedom to wear bandanas however we want. Though, we still need to be aware of certain risks if we are in a rough neighborhood. It is a fact that bandanas are already everywhere. Especially when it comes to fashion and style. It can also be a great accessory to your bags or hats or to anything you can think of.

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