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What is a Flag Bandana?

A bandana is a piece of cloth people wear as a neckerchief, napkin, headband, face mask, wrist band or, even a waistcloth.  A flag bandana is a bandana designed as a part or full national flag of a country. Now, American flag bandana is becoming popular.

Why Is American Flag Bandana Popular?

When the US cops killed the black man, George Floyd, many people took to the street to protest. With this situation combined with COVID-19, many Americans seem to have felt the need of wearing a bandana.

Critics call the USA as a rebel nation. Whatever it is, they show their patriotism using the flag of the nation.

As we know, American soldiers are involved in many a war in other parts of the world; especially in developing countries.

So, I think as a show of power and superiority, American war veterans often displayed their flag on their uniform, Armory, and even on bandanas.

Even the ordinary youth of the US followed these veterans. This way American Flag Bandana may have become popular among the Americans.

During the times of protests, especially the war veterans seem to prefer wearing the American Flag Bandana.

American Flag Bandana for Patriotism

What Do the Americans Think of Wearing American Flag Bandana?

They have mixed reactions. Some Americans like wearing their national flag. Others don’t like it.

I think that those wearing it want to display their pride and love towards their motherland.

It is no secret that the US national flag holds great significance for the countrymen, including the war veterans.

It depends on the purpose of the use.  One may value the American Flag and use it as an American Flag Bandana to showcase his/her patriotism.

Some may knowingly or unknowingly wear it in such a disrespectful manner disregarding what the flag actually stands for.

Most of the war veterans seem to like the idea of wearing an American Flag Bandana. Some war veterans argue that a national flag is not a garment. So, no one should wear it.

I agree that the national flag should not be worn as a garment in its original format. If you use the flag as a design on a bandana, then it is not the whole flag in true sense. It becomes an American Flag Bandana in such situations.

The national flag of any country reflects a living country. It itself is considered a living thing.  Any living thing expects respect, love, and care.  Whoever uses it should give its due respect.

Any person wearing a bandana or garment must make sure that he/she does not behave in a disrespectful manner.  American Flag Bandana too deserves its due place and respect.

Disrespect does not happen only by wearing an American Flag Bandana or any other form of garment.  I have seen some buildings with torn high-flying US national flags. Isn’t it a disrespect to the whole nation?

What does the US Flag Code Say?

Section (D):

  • The flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery.

Section (J):

  • No part of the flag should ever be used as a costume or athletic uniform.

As per those who wrote the code for the flag, wearing clothing symbolizing the flag is not a violation of the flag code. Wearing a physical flag as a cloth is a violation of the flag code.

What this means is that American Flag bandana or any garment with a design of the US national flag is not a violation of the flag code.

People simply express their patriotism and love of country. The American Flag Bandana happens to be red, white, and blue with stars and stripes.

In other words, the American national flag has 50 stars. American Flag Bandana does not have exactly the fifty stars. In that sense can it be a national flag? I mean the American Flag Bandana.

I do believe no one should make napkins, cups, or plates using the national flag as a design. When you throw them away after use, it is a disgrace and disregard on the national flag.

As long as your purpose is love and respect, having the flag on stickers, t-shirts, tattoos or any garments is alright.

So, when you wear American Flag Bandana, you display your love and patriotism towards your country, don’t you?

By the fourth of July every year, many houses in the USA display the national flag. Some go the extra mile and make vivid wreaths with American Flag Bandanas.

It is very fascinating to see super cute red, white, and blue American bandana flag wreaths on their houses.

All you need to make these wreaths are some American Flag bandanas, stars and wreath forms.

You can also use American Flag Bandana as a headband.

American Flag Bandana as a headband

What is American Flag Bandana Made of?

American Flag Bandana is made using 100% cotton. It measures usually 22” x 22”.  Also, there is a wide range of sizes available in the market.  Most of these bandanas are machine washable.

American Flag Bandana is Perfect for All of Your Family Members.

Now you can buy even bandana headband made similar to the design of American Flag Bandana. Why don’t you grab some of these bandanas for the whole family?

American Flag bandana or bandana headband will be your fun accessory for July 4th, Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, or Labor Day.

Are the American Flag Bandanas for My Baby?

Yes. Why not? There is an American Flag Baby bandana. This is fun and ideal for your baby. You can buy these baby bandanas in unisex packs. Whether a baby boy or baby girl, both of them can wear this American Flag Bandana.

Most of these baby bandanas are made of 100% non-allergic soft cotton. There will be no discomfort for your baby even if you use it as a face mask. These bandanas are brilliantly breathable. You may use it even for the newborn.

Do you think American Flag Bandana is only for the Americans? No. it is not. Any man/woman on mother earth can wear it.  American Flag Bandana signifies patriotism, heroism, power, and bravery.

So, wearing an American Flag Bandana would add value to your personality. It would also get you the feeling of heroism and bravery during any occasion!

American Flag Bandana
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