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Yes! Indeed, dogs need to wear collars. Though there are some exceptions, these do not outweigh the advantages of wearing a dog collar. But the question is, why is it necessary? Should my dog wear a collar all the time? Is it safe to use dog collars and will my dog like them?

Here, we will discuss why every dog needs a reliable collar. At the end of this article, we want to let you know the ins and outs of wearing dog collars and where we can buy the best deals on dog collars.Ā 

Do all dogs need to wear collars?

Contrary to the statement above, not all dogs can wear a collar. There are exemptions to the rule! According to the Control of Dogs Order 1992 of the UK Laws, dogs must wear a dog collar, especially in public places. However, working dogs, sporting dogs, and guide dogs are omitted.

But as you know, not many dog owners are included in the abovementioned category. Therefore, most pet owners should abide by the law. Dogs in public places should wear collars and a name tag.

Why Does My Dog Need a Collar?

While it is declared and encouraged by the laws to have your pooch secure a dog collar, it is not clear to many of the public why they need to wear one. Here are some main reasons to enlighten dog owners regarding wearing dog collars.

  • To walk dogs easier. Dogs need to walk around almost often. This is a form of exercise for them. And it is suitable for their whole being. It is easier to put on a leash with a collar on and lead your dog for a walk. And to be able to walk your dog in public places, owners should follow the law on dogs wearing collars.
  • It can serve as an Identification. In a street full of man’s best friends of the same breed, how can you distinguish right away which is yours? A unique dog collar can help you identify your dog easier. And for strangers to help your lost dog find you. Dog collars may include name tags that indicate the dog owner’s name and address. This is indeed so much helpful in case you lose your dog.
  • To be able to tether the dogs. In some instances where you need to get inside a building or do a quick grocery while having your dog in tow, you can easily tether it if it has its collar and leash. You can tether it outside for a while, while you do your thing.
  • To protect others from a triggered dog. It is a fact that not all the time dogs are in a good temper. And to be able to control them when they are triggered is a must, especially when in public places. A dog collar can help you do this easily right away with a good leash attached to it, of course.
  • Fashion. It might be a minor concern of all the reasons for dog collar usage, but most dog owners would look for a stylish personalized dog collarĀ for their pup. It is nice looking at dogs with edgy and trendy collars. They will be guise welcoming, not dull and intimidating.

What do you need to put on a dog collarļ¼Ÿ

A dog collar is a simple accessory that has only a few parts to complete. Let us know its features before going into the things you need to put on a dog collar.

  • The collar. Regardless of what fabric you want to use, a dog collar needs to have the right dog collar thickness and longevity to avoid any problems while the dog is wearing it. Big dogs need to have the largest dog collars, and smaller dogs can wear lightweight, thinner collars. Dog collar types include nylon, polyester, neoprene, BioThane, leather, and chain.
  • The Triglide. This small collar part helps the owner adjust the collar to the dog’s neck size.
  • The Buckle. A buckle collar dog keeps the collars on and off the dog’s neck. Most dog collars have this but not all, depending on the type of collar. A buckle only has two types: metal and plastic.
    1. Metal Buckles are considered a traditional style but are a lot sturdier.
    2. Plastic Buckle can be a snap style and is more modern but is easy to break.
  • The D-Ring.Ā This part of the collar is where you can attach a tag. It is a smooth metal ring in a D shape.

Now that you know the parts of a dog collar, let us jump into what are the things you can attach to your collars. Here are the basic things most dog owners cling to their pup’s collars.

  1. Name tagsā€“ Right! It is so cute and helpful at the same time to have your dog’s name printed on a name tag or a custom dog patch attached to its dog collar. It can help other people identify your dog by its name.
  2. Leashā€“ A leash always comes in handy, especially when you walk your dog. It can be clipped or stuck on it.
  3. Bow ties or any other accessory willĀ give your dog a cute and warm demeanor. You can attach these colorful accessories, especially when attending an event: a pet party, parade, gathering, or a simple walk at the park.
  4. Owner informationā€“ In case you lose track of your dog, a tag with your information can be a big help for strangers to locate you.
  5. Other dog informationā€“ Details such as ‘Need Meds,’ if your dog needs medication, strangers will have the urgency to bring the dog back to you in case your dog needs to take medicines regularly. You can also add Microchip information of your dog and a personal message such as “If I’m alone, I’m lost.”

A reminder to all dog owners: you should know and practice wearing dog collarsĀ on your dog safely. That is why it is necessary to find a safe adjustable collar to suit any breed and dog size. It is also essential to train your pup is wearing a dog collar so that you will not have problems when you are to have them wear it.

Where can I buy a personalized collar for my dog?

At 4inbandana, they personalized dog collars for your pup’s needs. They are a producer of custom bandanas as well as dog collars and other dog stuff. Their custom dog collar is made of high-quality polyester fabric that can easily be customizable. Polyester fabric-made dog collars are said to be the best material for dog collars and it is also durable and easy to wash.

Also admirable about their dog collars is that they have a curved buckle that fits nicely on the dog’s neck. It can be adjusted and is sure to give a comfortable and secure grip on your dog’s neck. It is customizable, and you can add any information, logo, or design to it; you do not need any other tags to attach to it that may irritate your pup. It is available in three sizes: small, medium, and largeā€”an outstanding collar feature for any dog size and breed.

4inBandana provides a user-friendly and up-to-date online ordering system that caters to everything a client needs regarding their customizing. Whether you want a collar for your pet, a giveaway, or a gift to other fur babies, 4inbandana got you all the way possible.

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