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Dog collars are one of the cutest gifts you give to your dog. It can be worn as an adorable accessory and for recognition purposes. It has been a staple in owning and being a good dog owner.

But sometimes, dogs can be very energetic. Extroverted dogs might be overly excited about playing in the mud or the park with their dog friends. This might cause some serious injury and can make a perfect dog collar dirty. Many dog owners struggle with cleaning dog collars, so here’s a list of how to wash dog collar properly!

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What causes a dog collar to smell?

Imagine wearing an ID for work or school, and after a long day of working hard, going on walks, and catching up with your friends and co-workers, you sweat. Smelling your ID after a long day will get you thinking about washing dog collar or putting perfume on it to ease the smell. This happens to our dogs too. But a lot worse.

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Don’t forget that dogs are one of the most adventurous animals out there, and they can explore places that might smell funky. Dogs might not know that what they are landing and rolling over are foul things such as garbage and poo. They can move over nasty stuff that can get into their collars. Their heavy and thick furs can also be a factor in why dog collars smell. Imagine the smell of fur, sweat, environment, and body oils in a dry dog’s collar. Pretty funky.

And it doesn’t end there. Not one dog collar material is immune to the smell.

How to effectively deodorize or remove the smell of a smelly dog collar?

Now, you might be thinking, if not one dog collar material is immune to the nasty smell, how do we get rid of it?

There are a lot of ways to do this. It depends on the material your dog collar is made of. A lot of materials can have different ways of cleaned. This is why it’s important to always check tags on dog collars. If it says it’s washing machine friendly, go for it!

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  • Washing Machine

Remember that most easy dog collars are made out of materials that are not safe for washing machines. So, always check if it is because if you don’t, you might lose one of the most precious gifts your dog treasures. 

If it is washing machine friendly, we advise you first to put the dog collar in a washing bag. A washing bag can take the shape of a sock or a pillowcase. This is to prevent the collar’s metal parts from damaging the washing machine’s inside and making uncomfortable noises once inside. Also, you should always check the manufacturer’s temperature recommendation. 

When it’s done, dry it naturally. 

Classic baking soda is also an excellent ingredient for cleaning dog collars. A couple of teaspoons in warm water should be good. Stir it until it’s completely dissolved, and use a synthetic brush to clean dog collar quickly. You can stop when you are contented with the cleanliness. 

  • Soap

Of course, a soap block can also be a good alternative when you don’t have baking soda. It also adds a particular fragrance once done. 

How to do it, you ask? Well, it’s straightforward. You can take a soap bar or your dog’s shampoo and put it in a basin with water. Dump your dog collar in and let it sit for at least 20 minutes or when you are satisfied with the outcome, then wash dog collar clean. Let it dry and squeeze it, just like you do with your clothes when you wash dog collar.

So not only is the easy dog collar clean, but it also smells fantastic!

  • Brush

Cleaning with a brush might not be the best idea when washing dog collar after a long afternoon in the playground. This cleaning procedure depends on the type of material. It works perfectly on synthetic collars, though. Just brush the dirt off, and you’re good to go!

  • Damp cloth

Leather is a trendy material when it comes to creating dog collars. However, it’s the friendliest of all the materials but simultaneously delicate. If you have leather dog collars, we advise you to use a damp cloth when cleaning them to avoid damaging them. 

Just use a cloth and slightly wet it with water and soap. Always remember that too much water can damage your dog collar ultimately, so always be careful. 

Can you wash dog collars in the washing machine?

A few materials used in dog collars are washing machine friendly, but we won’t recommend using a washing machine to ensure it doesn’t damage it. It’s too dangerous, and if you don’t read the instructions thoroughly, you might destroy your dog’s beloved collar instead of fixing it. 

The best way of washing it and ensuring it’s as clean as possible is to wash dog collar by hand. It only takes a little while and won’t affect your schedule. And as great dog owners, we must take time when comes to cleaning our dog’s belongings so that they’ll feel loved. 

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What’s the best way to wash a polyester dog collar?

As mentioned earlier, dog collars come in different materials and sizes. One of the most prominent materials is polyester. If you have a polyester dog collar, you can use soap or shampoo to wash your dog’s favorite accessory. It’s as simple as three easy steps.

1.Grab a shampoo and put it in a laundry basin with water

Grab a clean laundry basin and put hot water on it. Next, you pour in the right amount of shampoo. If you are used to cleaning your polyester dog collar, you might already know the exact amount of shampoo you’d like. 

2. Soak your dog collar

After checking the instructions and reminders on how to wash dog collar, soak them in the basin and let them sit for about 15-20 minutes or more, depending on how you like it. When it is done, and you feel satisfied with how it turned out, you can pull it out and grab a brush to brush away excess dirt.

After checking the instructions and reminders on how to wash dog collar, soak them in the basin and let them sit for about 15-20 minutes or more, depending on how you like it. When it is done, and you feel satisfied with how it turned out, you can pull it out and grab a brush to brush away excess dirt. 

3. Dry them

Last but certainly not least, dry your dog collars! It might seem like a step taken for granted, but it is crucial. If you don’t dry them, you might as well not wash dog collar because a wet dog collar can attract dirt and oils better than dry ones. Also, it is uncomfortable to wear something wet, so be sure to dry them out for the dog!

We are all indeed responsible and caring dog owners. We always ensure that our dog gets the best things and would love them unconditionally. We hope that this list helps you when it comes to making yourself a better owner. Check out custom dog collars and other items through

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