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One top merchandise that the Survivor game is known for is their Survivor buffs or the Survivor bandanas. These are tubular-shaped fabrics made primarily of microfiber. Unlike any other elements in the reality TV show, a tube bandana is more of a personal item for the castaways. Contestants use it every day, in every challenge, and every tribal council.

The highly-televised reality game franchise Survivor has reached many parts of the world through the years. Currently, Survivor has 40 seasons all together from different countries, the 40th as an all-winners edition.

The game has maintained its format from all its season franchises. It has tribes that separate the contestants or whom they call the castaways. The filming is usually set on a tropical island. Each tribe has isolated campsites where they are tasks to build shelter from anything they can use near their campground. Castaways also hunt their food, water, and other necessities that they will need throughout the game. The one whole season of the competition consists of 39 days. Some franchises range from 20 to 153 days.

The game is exciting and challenging for most. The thrill it gives to its audience is unmeasurable, the reason why it is a big hit not only in America but many parts of the world including Asia and Europe. They’ve garnered thousandths and millionths of fans in every franchise. And gained Survivor winners a lot of prices. No wonder, Survivor merchandise is all over the marketplace.

What do these colorful Survivor bandanas’ purpose or meaning?

Tribe Identity

Survivor bandanas have the Survivor logo and the tribe’s name or symbol to which the user belongs. Tribes at most times are predetermined before filming and are finalized to balance or partitioned players by gender and age ranges. But some franchises let the castaways choose their tribemates through a game pick.

These tribes together build their shelter. They hunt for food and water. They also help each other win every challenge.

Where can I buy custom Survivor bandanas

Protection from Hot or Cold

These tube scarves are from quality fabric that adapts to the different climates. Since castaways should wear this all the time, it serves as a cloth to protect them from the heat of the sun. It can also keep them warm during cold nights or weather. Living on an unfamiliar island with little to no garments, they have considered this piece of cloth as their basic clothing protection.

Fashion Accessory

Seamless bandanas are fashionable items that are worn by contestants every time as mandated by the games’ rule book. It is made from different colors and designs according to their tribe theme. It can be worn as a neck gaiter, scarf, headband, beanie, scrunchie, balaclava, and many other stylish ways.

End of Redemption Island Journey

In the later seasons of Survivor, they had added the Redemption Island. Where voted-out contestants from the Tribal Council were exiled and continue competing with other contestants to go back to the main game. Once a contestant from redemption Island losses, they are asked to burn their Survivor buffs. And this marks the finality of their exit in the game.

Where to Buy the Best Survivor Bandanas?

CBS Store

CBS is offering primary Survivor apparel including Survivor bandanas. They boast of ultra-comfortable collectible items that any Survivor fans can rock on their daily outfit. Currently, they are offering the latest season logo. They have no MOQ and various Survivor-related products.

Where can I buy custom Survivor bandanas


4inbandana is a factory-based company specializing in personalized tubular bandana products. They offer an Ice Silk fabric seamless bandana that is perfect for any occasion and climate. Among its kind, this type of fabric is a lot more moisture absorbing, has better permeability, and shape retention.

4inbandanas Survivor neck gaiter is proven not to irritate the skin. It has a UV protection of UPF50+ and is anti-static. Smooth and breathable, 4inbandanas Survivor bandanas are most likely to score buys for summer outfits. 4inbandana offers custom design and the lowest MOQ on every purchase in wholesale prices.

Survivor Neck Gaiter

Buff USA

Buff USA specializes in producing buffs and other head wears with no MOQ. But they declare that even their buffs are simple, it is adaptable in any circumstance as they can be worn in twelve more ways. Their product is said to keep you wearing cool while enjoying the rush of your adventures responsibly. It has ultraviolet protection and is 90% made from recyclable fabric. The company does not offer customization and buying in bulk, which will cost you high.

Where can I buy custom Survivor bandanas

Although there are many other stores online and offline offering Survivor merchandise, there is no doubt that Survivor buffs are chief collectible items for Survivor fans. The representation of these buffs in the game does not outwit its importance even outside the game. It has many other purposes. If you are someone adventurous, physically active, and an outdoor lover, the quality and efficiency of the tubular bandana are a must. While having the Survivor logo and design on it is just a plus.

Another advantage of having a neck scarf with you is to keep your hair and sweat out of your eyes when you are climbing or doing your workout routines. Retaining your focus on your course and be able to win in every challenge your way.

Furthermore, the game kept its mechanics and terminologies intact in every best survivor season, a recipe that made it top-bill from time to time. Working in a team and the interpersonal skills of the individual contestants are considerably depicted in the reality show. Each player’s personality and skills, plus the physical tests, create undeniable chemistry, an unscripted drama as they quote it, preferable friction that makes the whole thing to watch out every time.

Nonetheless, always look for a quality and durable Survivor bandana to enjoy its benefits fully. As quoted by Jeff Probst in a video posted on Social Media, the past year has taught the world to live our lives like it is one great adventure like how Survivor portrays. The reality show bounces back and takes on another life adventure this year. Taking reality TV shows to a whole new level of feat while doubling its aims to keeping everyone safe from the global health threat.

As the next season of Survivor, season 41 was postponed last year, March 2020, due to the rise of the world pandemic, COVID 19, Survivor is set to come back this year back-to-back, hopefully, with season 42. Therefore, grab your favorite Survivor buff and keep yourselves posted.

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