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Dog Bowls play an essential part when it comes to a dog’s nutrition and health. It can regulate and control food consumption. They also keep everything organized and clean. Good pet owners don’t just feed their dogs at random places; they will always put their yummy treats in their trusty custom dog bowl. It’s also great to keep the dog bowls clean to prevent bacteria from penetrating their food.

Why do you need to clean your dog’s bowl?

Well, it is a common sense to clean whatever thing you used. But it is on the highest level of a must-do when it comes to eating utensils. Even dog’s eating utensils must be cleaned thoroughly.

1. Bacteria Build-up – A good pet owner must clean their dog feeding bowls, even if you think it’s clean. Remember that bacteria are so small that we cannot see them with our naked eyes. Bacteria travel very fast; if you don’t clean up, they will infiltrate your dog’s food! If we let this happen, your dogs might catch the sickness. Not to mention all the molds and the insects that will surely take advantage of the bacteria build-up.

2. NSF International proves that food and water bowls for dogs are among the nastiest things in our houses. Imagine eating off of it! Our dogs don’t deserve that. It’s best to wash and clean their dog bowls properly and regularly. Dog saliva can breed bacteria like Salmonella, Staphylococcus, and E. coli, which ultimately can cause diseases.

3. Dirty pup bowls don’t just affect dogs, they can also affect other household members. Dogs have always been energetic and friendly. They love to lick and kiss everything they love, including you and others. That’s why sanitation is essential and is advised by vets. But we should also take matters into our own hands and clean up their dog bowls to lessen the possibility of bacteria spreading.

4. Stinky dog bowls are also very distracting. It’s a known truth that dog saliva can occasionally smell foul. The bacteria build up inside their mouth, leading to oral health issues. Their dog bowls are also a victim of this. Saliva causes bacteria to build up in uncleaned dog bowls, and voila! People can smell the stench all over the house.

Washing dog bowls can be very efficient first when preventing all of these things from happening. If you want a healthy and happy household, cleaning might be the solution!

How often should you wash your dog’s bowl?

Many vets collectively agree that pet owners should wash and clean their custom dog bowls daily. We already talked about how important it is to clean the dog bowl and what can happen when not done correctly. But how often should you wash your dog’s bowl?

a. Well, it depends on the food type. There are many options when choosing the right food for your dogs. They might prefer wet over dry ones, or owners would settle for something cheaper or healthier. One thing is clear: you should always clean the bowl after the great pooch is done with its meal. It is essential, efficient, and needed.

b. If you feed your dog dry food, wash the bowl after the final meal; if you provide wet food, clean the bowl after every meal. It helps prevent bacteria from building up and eventually causing disruption to your and your dog’s health. If you are feeding your dog water to quench their thirst, clean the pooch bowl once daily.

Dog mats, the unsung hero that prevents food from spilling onto the floor, must also be clean. It’s the one that saves pet owners time to clean up the after-meal mess, after all. Dog owners should also clean it daily. We don’t want insects and other animals munching on nasty leftovers.

It’s a lot of cleaning, but we’ll do anything for our dogs. It’s only fitting to serve them the best and the cleanest. Having another set of custom dog bowls is also advisable so that when you wash the first set, you have a second set as an alternative so your dogs will never be hungry.

How to clean your dog’s bowl?

There are a lot of ways that you can clean your dog feeding bowls. But many people need help to differentiate what’s cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing and what’s the best way to remove germs. Using soap and water, cleaning eliminates dirt and bacteria but does not eradicate them. Chemicals are used in disinfection to destroy germs; however, surfaces are only sometimes thoroughly cleaned. Cleaning or disinfecting can be used to reduce the number of germs to a manageable level during sanitizing. Therefore, dog owners must do all three to remove the bacteria and insects.

1. Hand washes – the traditional way. If you want to remove the bacteria from your dog’s bowl thoroughly, you take the matter into your own hands. Like, literally. Hand washing is an efficient way of cleaning since you know what you are doing. Just get your dog bowl’s dishwashing soap, roll up your sleeves and get washing! It’s also best to have a separate sponge for your human and pet dishes. We want the best for you and your dog!

2. Dishwasher – a more modern way of cleaning dishes. Many people, especially the elderly, don’t trust dishwashers. But if you are busy and don’t have to hand wash your dog’s bowl, the dishwasher is the way to go. Just make sure that you are using a dishwasher safe dog bowl. The most common dishwasher-safe dog bowls are the stainless-steel ones, but check the bowls first!

3. Caked-on dog food is not very uncommon if you think about it. There are a lot of instances when dog food hardens and sticks to the bowl. It sticks so hard that even the dishwasher cannot rinse it off. If you have a problem like this, soak it! It helps so much, and you don’t have to put effort into it. The water will soften it up, and you can scrape it off once it’s done.

Even if the custom dog bowl looks clean, remember that bacteria don’t just go like that. Studies show that the majority, precisely 67%, of bacteria remains. It’s best to sanitize your dog’s bowls after you clean them. It’s effortless!

a. Add bleach to a gallon of water

b. Soak the bowl for about 10 minutes

c. Remove

d. Rinse it with water and dry

Very effortless!

Where to buy the custom bowl for your dog?

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