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Custom Dog Bowls

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Custom Collapsible Dog Bowls

Custom silicone dog bow is more multifunctional for the needs of your beloved doggy. Its bowl body is made of premium non-toxic TPE and ABS, coming with a carabiner made of aluminum alloy for travel and going out. The flexibility of its retractable and collapsible feature allows it to be used as a travel custom dog bowl, but also as a Frisbee for dog entertainment.

  • Super low price of $3.69 each!
  • Order quickly in just 4 steps.
  • Free shipping and setup fee.
  • Placing your order in 60s.

Custom Stainless Steel Dog Bowls

This kind of custom dog bowl is made of premium genuine Food Grade stainless steel for optimal durability & safety. And the Rubber Base helps it to stay in place while your pet eats—avoiding damage to your flooring and keeping the bowl from sliding. The sanitary and germ-resistant surface is long-lasting and won't easily scratch, stain, or rust despite constant use personalized dog bowl.

  • Rock bottom price: $5.99!
  • 5 sizes to choose from.
  • No minimum order quantity.
  • Durable quality and rust-resistant.

Our Customized Dog Bowls for Customers

How to Choose A Custom Dog Bowl for Your Dog?

There are so many options for dog feeding bowls today. With different types of
dog bowls, how should you make the best choice? There are some tips for you.

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Why You Choose
Highest Quality
Wholesale dog bowls from 4inBandana are not only safe and durable, but they can also be printed with any pattern you like.
Lowest Price
Reduce your costs in dog bowls bulk orders with factory direct sourcing. Lowest Price Guarantee!
Excellent Service
We offer free expert artwork design of custom logo dog bowls and perfect pre-sales and after-sales services. Your satisfaction is our primary goal as always!
Free Shipping
We provide you with Free shipping & Tax! Your custom dog bowls with logo will be delivered in time via FedExlP Service.

What Makes Custom Dog Bowls the Perfect Choice for Everyone?

Dog bowls appear in front of dogs and dog owners every day because it is a must-have for dogs three meals a day. For dog owners, dog lovers, or various pet organizations, using logo dog bowls will be a great way to promote their brand and as a personalized gift. Please don't hesitate any longer! Contact us to wholesale logo dog bowls immediately.

Personalized Dog Bowls for Pet Owners

For pet owners, pet feeding is a very important daily routine. Therefore, picking a good pet bowl becomes a crucial thing. With 4inBandana's bulk custom dog dishes, you can keep your dog safe while it’s enjoying its meal. Both our custom collapsible dog bowl and custom stainless steel dog bowls are made of food-grade, non-toxic materials that can be used with confidence indoors or outdoors. The quality design is personalized while also being more practical, sturdy and convenient. Come and customize dog bowls for your furry friend!

Promotional Dog Bowls

Yes, promotional dog bowls can definitely hit the hearts of pet lovers. Because shopping can be especially difficult for them as they always choose pet supplies carefully. Also, most of them don't expect to receive the same items over and over again. But today you’ve come to the right place! Custom dog bowls wholesale can be your best solution! Personalized customization and veterinarian-certified safe materials make your gift unique and thoughtful. Here with 4inBandana , you can order custom dog bowls with name or photo and custom dog bandanas.

Branded Dog Bowls

Today, if you want to promote your brand and thus attract some new people, you can try launching a collection of branded dog bowls. Because there are more and more dog lovers and animal lovers this is a unique way to showcase your brand. Meanwhile, you will get a great chance to communicate your brand values, like your love for animals and support for a pet-inclusive lifestyle. You can customize cheap dog bowls in bulk and custom dog collars with your brand logo to give to dog parents in your company, customers who own pets, and pet lovers in the community as gifts.

Wholesale Dog Bowls for Animal Rescues

For some pet organizations (such as pet daycares, pet training facilities, pet stores, pet shelters, etc.) and animal rescue organizations, custom pet bowls are essential. Because of the large number of pets, they often require custom dog bowls wholesale. Please rest assured, we can provide custom dog food bowls with the name or brand logo as your needs in bulk. The custom name dog bowl can help them better distinguish the specific bowl of each different dog when feeding; meanwhile, a custom logo dog bowl is also a very good promotional gift for institutional clients.

Best Personalized Dog Bowl

4inBandana® is your online home for wholesale logo promotional dog bowls. As a professional dog bowl manufacturer who has been supplying many large wholesalers or retailers for many years, we always insist on cheap custom dog bowls but high-quality for your furry friends.


From pet veterinarians, groomers, and animal hospitals to pet-friendly hotels and animal shelters, our pet-loving staff has helped many clients over many years. We're glad to help you find cheap dog bowls in bulk in small quantities for your organization's promotions. In addition, if you want to customize some accessories for yourself or team members in addition to custom dog products, try shopping for neck gaiters and bucket hats. Contact us and get more information today!

4 Steps to Get Your Personalized Dog Bowls on


Choose Order Details

Select the qty, color & delivery date, and upload your artwork.



Both of Credit Card and PayPal are acceptable.


Artwork Confirmation

Your exclusive design draft will be finished and sent within 12h via email.


Your Order Delivered

Your custom dog bowls will be delivered in time via FedEx IP Service.

You only need to Upload the Artwork you want, we will handle the rest and offer you The Best Custom Logo Dog Bowls!


Take Words from Our Customer

“Best travel dog bowl ever!
I have many dogs of different sizes, so I was looking for some best custom dog bowls for small dogs and also extra large dog bowls for big dogs. Then 4inBandana made it! These travel dog bowls are great for road trips, hikes, or whatever. They are pretty, easy to use for food and/or water, and can clip onto anything. They take up very little space when collapsed. The material makes it easy to clean and keeps it dry and fresh. These silicone dog bowls are a must-have for an active pet owner.”

Joseph T.
Owner & Pet Lover
Pet News Daily

“Great food and water bowls!
I work at an animal shelter, and I purchase some custom stainless steel dog bowls with the dogs' names printed on them. We are very happy with the bowls. The lettering came out terrific. The bowl has a rubber bottom which makes it more difficult to move so the dogs can't flip it over. It's made from pretty thick stainless steel so it's very sturdy and should last a long time. And of course it's easy to clean too. What’s more, they have many sizes to choose from. Love the product and the price was right. Will purchase more in the future!”

Sara H.
Owner & Pet Lover
Animal House Shelter

Everything You Need to Know About Custom Logo Dog Bowls

How Often Should I Clean My Dog's Bowls?

The custom dog bowl is something that dogs have to touch for three meals a day, so the cleanliness of the custom dog bowls are closely related to the dog's health. This article will show you how to properly clean your dog bowls.

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What Size Dog Bowl Do I Need?

Different species of dogs require different amounts of food per meal, so it's important to choose a suitable dog bowl for your dog. This article will help you pick the best custom dog bowl size for different dog species.

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Can Dogs Share Water Bowls?

Are you hesitant to prepare several dog bowls because you have more than one dog at home? Can they share the same custom logo dog bowl? Are there any health issues if share a bowl? This article will tell you the answer.

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Frequently Asked Questions about
Custom Dog Bowls

  • What shape bowl is best for dogs?

    For example, bassets and cocker spaniels with long ears need narrower customizable dog bowls with taller sides so their ears don't fall into the bowl and get wet. Flat-faced pugs and bulldogs can use wider and shallower bowls.

  • What is the best material for dog food bowls?

    The stainless steel dog bowls have a smooth surface, are easy to clean, are less likely to breed bacteria, and are also extremely durable. It is the best choice for dog bowl material.

  • How often should you replace dog bowls?

    Plastic dog bowls are harder to keep clean than non-porous, easy-to-sanitize stainless steel dog bowls. The former tend to scratch more easily and need to be replaced every few months depending on usage. Stainless steel dog bowls last longer.

  • What happens if you don't wash dog bowls?

    If you don't clean your dog's bowl when it finishes eating, food residue can breed harmful bacteria that could make your pet and your family sick. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the custom dog bowl in time every day.

  • Do dogs not like stainless steel bowls?

    The stainless steel dog bowl may make some noise when it hits the collar on the dog's neck, and the dog may be confused about this small noise, especially since some puppies may feel a little scared. If you find this is the case with your dog, there is an option to purchase custom collapsible dog bowls for your dog, which are made of silicone.

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