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Custom Dog Collars

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Our wholesale custom dog collars are made of premium polyester fabric and plastic buckle. The collars for dogs from 4inBandana® are not only adjustable, comfortable, and durable, but they can also be printed with names and any logos or patterns you like. Your satisfaction is our primary goal as always:

  • Wholesale price: As low as $3.86 each!
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How to Choose the Right Size Dog Collars?

Don't know what size your dog's neck is? Not sure how to choose the right size collar for your furry
friends? Here are some tips for you.

Want to know more about dog collar sizes? Click here

What Makes Custom Dog Collar A Perfect Choice For Everyone?

Keeping your dog safe is no longer the sole purpose of wearing collars for dogs. In modern times, customizable dog collars and leashes in bulk are a great way to promote. People can print any message on outdoor dog collars, and the dog will become walking propaganda. 4inBandana’s high quality dog collars will meet your different needs.

Custom Dog Collars for Safety

Custom dog collars to ensure the safety of your pet and pedestrians. There are different laws from place to place, but most states and localities require dog owners to keep their dogs on a leash in public. Only durable dog collars can let them take their dogs out with confidence. Despite this, in order to save costs, there are many very poor quality dog collars on the market which the buckle is easy to break.

With 4inBandana's custom dog collars breakaway, you can keep your dog safe. The unique personalized dog collars come with firm fabric, sturdy buckles, and smooth edges. Such collars tend to be safer and stronger. Our wholesale dog collars are cheaper than others, but all materials we use are top rated. Just rest assured to take your dog walks with you with 4inBandana's custom buckle dog collars.

Custom Logo Dog Collars

Custom logo dog collars will make dogs look more stylish and trendy than regular collars. For pet owners who want their furry friends to get some exclusive designs to show off their personality, 4inBandana's sublimated dog collars will be the perfect solution. It can help dog owners put puppies’ names or any designs they want on the collars.

For pet product retailers, our custom printed dog collars are often used in various festivals and events. During the holidays like Christmas and Halloween, they will customize holiday dog collars in bulk for sale. Because they know that dog owners are willing to share every important holiday or moment with their dogs. At this time, a funny dog collar with a unique design must be indispensable.

Custom Printed Dog Collars

Custom printed dog collars are a great gift for pet parents. You can print your favorite pattern or furry baby's name on the collar, which makes the collar look more personalized and makes the furry baby look cuter.

If you decide to do it, the most important consideration is choosing the right size when customizing collars for dogs. When the collar for your dog is too big, it may fall off. If it's too small, it can become painful. There are 3 different sizes of buckle dog collars on 4inBandana®, which fit all sizes of dogs. The large custom dog collars suit for big size dogs, like boxers and labrador retrievers. Meanwhile, the small dog collars suit many cute small dogs like Shih Tzu, toy poodles, pitbulls, and so on. Certainly, there will be some extra large sizes for super large dogs.

Branded Dog Collars

Branded Dog Collars are good ways to promote your brand and want to attract new people. Trying to launch a collection of custom dog leashes and collars which is a unique way to showcase your brand. Meanwhile, you will get a great chance to communicate your brand values, like your love for animals and support for a pet-inclusive lifestyle.

In addition, retail customers aren't the only ones who will be excited about branded dog collars. If you have a large number of dog parents in your company, and you want to take extra steps to make your workplace more pet-friendly, you can order a batch of wear for your employees' dogs. When everyone is in the office, it's a great way to boost morale and foster a sense of community between pets and their owners.

Cheap Personalized Dog Collars on

4inBandana® is your online home for custom dog collars wholesale. As a professional dog collar manufacturer who has been supplying many large wholesalers or retailers for many years, we always work on custom pet products, such as dog leashes, dog bandanas, patches, tennis, etc.


From pet veterinarians, groomers, and animal hospitals to pet-friendly hotels and animal shelters, our pet-loving staff has helped many clients over many years. We're glad to help you find the perfect custom made dog collars for your organization's promotions. Make your own dog collar online or Contact us.

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You only need to Upload the Artwork you want, we will handle the rest and offer you The Best Custom Dog Collars!


Take Words from Our Customer

I requested some custom pieces to gift this past holiday season and I was blown away by the professionalism, creativity, and kindness shown throughout the entire process. The custom design dog collars were perfect ( I changed the details a few times and she was more than kind and accommodating), and shipping was prompt. My clients and their puppies like these cute dog collars very much. I can’t wait to order more collars!

Nathan H.
Owner & Pet Lover
Canine Complex of Cape Cod

I bought this collar for my clients and I was amazed at the quality and craftsmanship. They are well-made substantial collars. I opted for the plastic clasp which I am very happy with and the D Ring for leash attachment is very strong and sturdy. The printed logo is vivid and beautifully done, and the desert flag logo that I chose to go with the camo fabric matches perfectly. It was shipped quickly and I received it in a week which is amazing for a customized item. Definitely will buy from this seller again.

Elizabeth B.
Owner & Pet Lover
Riley's Doggie Daycare

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Everything You Need to Know About Custom Dog Collars

How to Fit a Dog Collar Properly? [2022]

There is a simple rule regarding fitting your best dog collars properly.

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Dog Collar Size Guide [2022]

The right dog collar size will make your dog more comfortable and safe.

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How to Wash a Dog Collar?[2022]

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Frequently Asked Questions about
Customised Dog Collars

  • What kind of dog collar is best?

    Nylon collars are lightweight, durable, and easy to clean, making them the first choice for many dog owners. If your dog's skin has an adverse reaction to nylon, other materials such as leather or neoprene may be better suited for them.

  • How many collars should a dog have?

    Puppies should have at least two collars, one for training and one for daily wear. As your pet grows in size, you need to choose a more suitable collar for them.

  • Is it OK to leave a dog collar on all day?

    No, excessive friction will cause the pet's hair to fall off and expose the skin. Wearing the collar for a long time may cause skin problems for the pet.

  • How tight or loose should a dog collar be?

    Generally, the collar should be at a distance that can fit a finger into the pet's neck. A collar that is too tight will cause discomfort or the risk of suffocation for the pet, and a collar that is too loose will cause the collar to fall off.

  • Why do dogs not like their collars off?

    If your dog is used to wearing a collar, do not take it off as this may cause them to feel vulnerable and exposed, which in some cases can trigger anxiety. Dogs are creatures of habit, so when something like a collar is accidentally removed, it disrupts their accustomed routine.

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