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Home of top quality multifunctional custom neck gaiter with no minimum. Whether it is wholesale or retail, here you can find the custom logo gaiter that meets your diversified custom needs. 4inbandana® as a professional custom neck gaiter supplier is committed to providing you with:

  • Best price as low as: $2.85/pcs!
  • MOQ below the market level: As low as 5pcs!
  • Lightweight, Stretchy and Comfortable Material.
  • Exquisite sublimation printing: Perfect presentation what you want.

Our Personalized Neck Gaiters for Customers

Our Happy 500,000+ Customers with Custom Printed Neck Gaiters

10 Creative Ways to Wear Your Customized Neck Gaiter

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What Makes Custom Neck Gaiter A Perfect Choice For Everyone?

Neck gaiters are moisture-wicking, which makes them perfect for various outdoor activities, such as running, hiking, biking, and so on. They also are popular giveaways for events and competitions. 4inbandana can print your logo on gaiters so that your logo will be highly visible on the front of these premium-quality face covers.

Branded Neck Gaiters

Due to the popularity and widespread use of branded neck gaiters at various events, it is an effective way to make your brand more familiar to more people. The more people wear custom branded neck gaiter with your logo, the more people can learn about your brand. Invisibly, neck gaiter wholesale can save a lot of advertising costs. Custom neck gaiter no minimum is an effective and affordable way to advertise your brand.

What's more, giving your employees or teammates custom neck gaiters will let them know that you care about their health, comfort, and convenience, especially those who work outdoors.

Custom Logo Neck Gaiters for Team

No matter what kind of activities, there is always a need for something to reflect team spirit. In past, custom lanyards or custom patches are more common. In recent years, due to the prevalence of neck gaiters, many team activities will customize neck gaiters in bulk with team symbols for teammates, especially in some outdoor activities, such as football games, skiing competitions, marathons, etc. Team members wearing uniform team neck gaiters can not only reflect the cohesion of the team but also let others know the grouping situation during the game.

In the Survivor Challenge, all participants wear the Survivor neck gaiter. Different teams will have different colored custom neck gaiter. Many Survivor fans will also customize survivor gaiters and add their favorite patterns to hold events.

Stylish Custom Neck Gaiters Bulk

Whether it is to prevent inhalation of dust or to prevent sun protection, more and more people like to wear face masks or neck gaiters when going out. But while serving this purpose, they also hope that these personalized neck gaiters can make them more fashionable to help them stand out in the crowd. Many people will customize their own logo neck gaiters with unique patterns.

On some special holidays, such as Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc., some young people would like custom designed neck gaiters and bucket hats. There are also some merchants who will customize holiday neck gaiters with fashionable elements for retail, and they have also got not-bad orders.

Personalized Neck Gaiters for Everyday Use

Custom printed neck gaiters can be worn as face masks, scarves, headbands, hair ties, and more. Neck gaiters are also suitable for all seasons, even summer and winter. In summer, instead of using plenty of sunscreen on your neck, wearing a gaiter will help you protect your neck from the harmful sun. In winter, fleece neck gaiter can provide extra warmth from the cold. Also, neck gaiters have become face masks for some, which is a perfect use for a pandemic.

Because of this, the neck gaiter custom logo can go a long way in raising awareness of your brand with potential customers, as it is a daily-use accessory for many people.

Custom Printed Neck Gaiter on 4inbandana®

As a trustable custom neck gaiter wholesaler and manufacturer, 4inbandana is committed to the field of small batches of fast customized products, serving for SMEs' brand promotion. Customer satisfaction is the utmost objective that we keep in our minds before we plunge into the manufacturing process. Hassle-free, timely delivery is what makes us distinguished from our other competitors. With our industry leading, mature printing tech and superb teams, we provide you 10/10 customer service and products from the moment you place the order or send inquiries!

Design your own neck gaiters online now!

In addition, we also specialize in custom dog bandanas, custom bucket hats, custom satin bandanas, custom tote bags, etc., and we will do our best to meet all your custom needs.

4 Steps to Get Your Custom Neck Gaiter in


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Select the qty, color & delivery date, and upload your artwork of printed neck gaiters.



Both of Credit Card and PayPal are acceptable.


Artwork Confirmation

Your exclusive design of custom logo gaiter draft will be finished and sent within 12h via email.


Your Order Delivered

Your custom neck gaiters will be delivered in time via FedEx IP Service.

You only need to Upload the Artwork you want, we will handle the rest and offer you The Best Custom Printed Neck Gaiter!


Take Words from Our Customer

“This neck gaiter is seamless and stretchy! Bit tight for big guys!

And I am really happy with the great print quality of this neck gaiter. The colors are bright and very close on my original design.

No Color bleeding. Good result.”

William J.
Co-Founder & CEO, Briskey Concrete

“Great price, even with rush ordering, was cheaper than other suppliers.

I placed a rush order for my event (for 7 days in advance), and received my gaiters 4 days later! Amazing delivery!

Awesome service, quick turnaround time!”

Julia M.
Project manager, G&J Site Solutions

Everything You Need to Know About Custom Neck Gaiters

How to Wear a Neck Gaiter?

The correct wearing method can maximize the value of the custom neck gaiters. Come and check further 10 more options and use your printed neck gaiters to the maximum extent.

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How Does A Cooling Neck Gaiter Work?

You want to have a cooling neck gaiter that not only protects you from wind but prevents UV rays, but you don't know much about it, from this article you will know what is cooling neck gaiter, and how cooling neck gaiter works.

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Where Can I Buy Custom Survivor Bandanas?

It will be very happy if a survivor fan can have a custom neck gaiter with the survivor logo. But where can I buy custom survivor neck gaiters? 4inbandanas Survivor gaiters are the most perfect choice for summer outfits.

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Frequently Asked Questions about
Custom Neck Gaiters

  • What is another name for a neck gaiter?

    Neck gaiter go by many names - neck warmer, tube bandana , neck buff, seamless bandana, multipurpose headgear or buff for short.

  • How long should a neck gaiter be?

    We have a variety of customized neck gaiters, the most popular and commonly used neck gaiter's sizes are 25 x 50 cm (around 10 x 20″), and 25 x 35 cm (around 10 x 14″). If you need to customize the size of the logo neck gaiters, we can customize it according to your needs.

  • What is the point of a neck gaiter?

    Neck gaiters with logo can be used all year round. In summer, it is used to cover the face and neck to prevent burns from strong ultraviolet rays. In winter, fleece scarves can keep the face and neck warm. In addition, they can also be used as fashion items for decoration.

  • What material should a neck gaiter be?

    In order to achieve the effect of coexistence of practicality and beauty, our custom logo neck gaiter is made from 100% Polyester. It is thinner and lighter than other fabrics, very breathable, and comfortable to wear. Moreover, it is good for any outdoor activities because it is moisture-wicking and dries quickly.

  • How do I keep my neck gaiter from falling down?

    Our custom gaiters with logo are stretchy so they generally won't slip off when you wrap them around your neck and face. If you want to put it on your head more firmly during exercise, you can wear another hat to prevent it from slipping.

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