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Dogs are labeled as man’s best friends. We can’t deny that these bouncy fur balls can brighten up a day full of stress and pressure. They are our happy pill whenever we feel down, and we can’t get enough of their caring and endearing nature. Because of this, we tend to pay them back with love and gifts. The most common and beloved gift you could give to your dog is no other than a dog collar.

Dog Collar

What is a dog collar?

We are very familiar with dog collars, but where did it come from? It is unclear who invented the dog collar, but experts theorized that it originated from Mesopotamia. It is made so that owners can control their dogs. The Ancient Egyptians started using dog collars in 5000 BC, as depicted in their ancient ruins. 

Throughout time, dogs have been treated better than just creatures for hunting and protection. Therefore, dog training collars also evolved when it comes to their purpose.

Collars for dogs serve many purposes.

The most common purpose is identification. There are many dog breeds worldwide, and your dog might look like another. A dog collar attached to your pet can help you quickly identify it. Pet owners can also secure their names and address to their best dog collars so that when their dog is lost, people nearby can help them locate it. 

1.    Second purpose is restraint; after all, dogs are very playful creatures. Some dogs like to make friends with everyone and anyone. But some of  them also like to fight with each other. Good thing dog training collars are invented! Whenever you walk or play around with your dog and don’t  want them to get too far or brawl with another dog, you can attach a leash to their dog collars and prevent that from happening. It serves as a safety restraint for both the dogs and yourself. 

       Dog leashes as restraints can be a bit dangerous, though, incredibly when your dog persistent. Many professionals would advise pet owners to have a dog harness instead. But a suitable collar with the right materials can change that.

2.    Another purpose of the dog collar is fashion. We can’t deny that seeing a happy dog in its fashionable dog collar makes us smile. It would also make your dog feel so appreciated and make us feel better. Seeing your loved ones happy after you give them gifts will also break us into an endearing smile. 

Do dogs like wearing collars?

It varies on how they associate their collars. There are dogs that thinks dog collars make them feel being held or restricted. They might think that putting on a collar means no more playing or running. But if you are a caring and loving pet owner, they will not feel that way. If you are treating your dog the right way, giving them the love and care that this furry man’s best friend deserves they can be excited to put on a collar. What makes them excited to put on dog collars?

Most dogs love having their dog training collars on because they associate it with going for walks, playing outside, meeting their friends, and spending the best time with their most beloved, you. Most dogs would even wiggle their tail excitedly once they saw their pet owners bring in their dog collars because they think they’re going for an adventure.

All in all, it depends on how you treat your dog. As caring pet owners, your dog will be the happiest, with or without the collar, as long as they’re with you.

dog collar 3

What are the most suitable materials for a dog collar?

There are so many variations of dog collars, specifically designed for different breeds and
purposes. A lot of these also vary in materials.


The most common collar for dogs’ material is made from a nylon webbing fabric. It is the most popular choice as it comes with various color options. Nylon-made collars are durable and quite a standard. But as observed, it may not be for all dogs. Some dogs have nylon allergies, and having a collar made of nylon would irritate the skin around it. 


One of the top choices of dog collar material is leather cloth. A definite choice for many dog owners as it displays a sleek and versatile look to any dog. It can be easily personalized and designed to any of your likings. Genuine leather dog training collars can last longer with a little bit of cleaning and caring. It is more expensive than other material types as well. 


BioThane material is flexible and water-resistant. This type is ideal for dogs who are just into everything and anything, especially on water. BioThane repels water and does not stain. They can be wiped off instantly, are very smooth, and can be cleaned with plain water and soap. The material can handle heavy chewing without being damaged. Its price ranges relatively, but most are of lowe cost but serves its purpose accordingly. 


Another dog collar material that has created hype these days is an eco-friendly hemp material. It consists of all the natural materials that are safe for your fur babies and, of course, the earth. Unlike the BioThane material, it can get a little dirty but is machine washable. However, if you have a chewer or a puller, this material can contact more stretchy than the other materials. 


These dog training collars fabric type are a go-to for any dog. It is durable and solid that it can protect your pup at any cost while you are out for a walk in the park. The material is safe for all types of dogs and won’t cause them irritation or allergies. It is easy to clean and surprisingly very comfortable to wear. Its price can range from low to high, but most are affordable. A polyester fabric material dog collars can also be customized. So, you can have the best choices on what design or color your pup can wear. 

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Here are the varied types of dog collars that you can choose from:

•  Buckle Collar

As the name implies, a buckle collar is like the traditional buckle. It is mainly made of leather and is considered the standard dog buckle. Pet owners must take note that collars like these must be a bit loose, or they can be dangerous.

•  Break-away Collars

It is similar to the buckle collar, but it is safer. If your dog is determined to let go, it has a safety mechanism that allows dogs to break loose. It is beneficial if your dog gets kidnapped or strangled because it can easily break open. 

•  Safety Stretch Collars

It is made out of a sturdy nylon collar but with an elastic panel. Safety Stretch Collars are convenient when your dog is a bit adventurous to avoid strangulation from plants, twigs, and many more. 

•  Stud Collars

They are collars for dogs’ protection. Metal studs are attached to it to prevent other animals from attacking them, or they can be used as a defense. 

•  Reflective Collars

It is advantageous and safe since it is made of nylon webbing that serves as a reflective tape. If you plan to take your dog on a walk at night, this is an excellent type of dog collar for preventing cars from causing deadly accidents.

•  Lighted Collar

It might seem that Reflective Collar and lighted collars are the same, but they have a big difference. Reflective collars are made so that others can see your dog, and lighted collars are made so your dogs can see others. 

•  Flotation Collar

It is made out of closed-cell foam material that is inherently buoyant. It can support your dog’s head if you ever thought about bringing them for a summer getaway at the beach or a simple day at the local pool.

•  Flea collar

It is very self-explanatory. It is made of a plastic strip mixed with insecticide with plastic resins and a molding mixture. It can kill fleas for 12 months.

•  Martingale Collar

It is recommended for sighthounds. Sighthounds are known for their head being smaller than their actual necks; therefore, they can easily break loose if their pet owners use a regular collar. Martingale small dog collar is the perfect purchase if you have this type of dog and have a problem keeping your pet from losing it. 

How tight should the best dog collar be?

There is a simple rule regarding fitting your best dog collars properly. You should be able to tuck two fingers in. But it also depends on how big your dog is. For smaller dogs like chihuahuas and pugs, you can still fit it using one finger. But if we are talking about big dogs like the German Shepherd or Saint Bernard, it’s highly advisable to use three.  

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If you bought a collar for a rapidly growing puppy, it is highly advisable to take it off and adjust it to prevent anything terrible. Choose large dog collars for larger dogs. And small dog collars for smaller ones. Measuring is also crucial since dogs don’t stay as puppies permanently. Measure your dog’s neck first, then measure the weight range. Consider checking on your seller’s dog collar size chart. You should also check it regularly to ensure your dog is still comfortable wearing it. 

So, there you have it! A quick guide on how to fit a dog collar properly. Be sure to do all these for you and your dog to live the best life as safely as possible. For the best high-quality and customized dog collars drop by

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