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What is the Best Size for a Beach Towel

Beach towels are towels we use on the beach. This may sound simple, but there is a lot more to beach towels that we all need to know—especially what is the best size for a beach towel. The right size will be an asset for you to flaunt confidently while sunbathing on the beach. 

Whether you are hitting the beach alone or with the whole gang, you should first check this list of custom beach towel sizes. This ensures you have all the time you need to enjoy the sand while getting the most out of your custom-printed beach towels. Help yourself to dry up fast when you need to. And keep yourself covered and warm while enjoying the beachside. 

Read on and see for yourself!

What is the Importance of knowing the right size of a beach towel?

Who would want to curl up in a tiny beach towel? Therefore, the need to have the right size is a must! Enjoy the beach and be comfortable, and always on the go with the right beach towel on hand. Here are some essential points to help you ponder your beach towel hunting. 

  1. It should comfort you while you lay on the sand, enjoying the scornful sun’s heat. 
  2. It should allow enough space to doze off safe from sand obstruction.
  3. It should grant you an area where you can place your things together. 
  4. It should accommodate you or your companion/s. 
  5. It should give you enough amount to warm or dry yourself up.
  6. It should fit your personality with its customized towelprints!
Importance of knowing size of beach towel

What are the available sizes of Custom Beach towels

There are a lot! But we’ve gathered up the entire world wide web and chosen the closest and the bests sizes that are common and well known. Of course, we wanted to help you search for the best beach towel size for anything you need. We have the list all for you!  

  • Standard Beach Towel Size

Standard beach towels are bigger than regular bath towel sizes. This size type is 60 inches by 30 inches in size. It is larger than an average bath towel since it can lie on the sand bed. This is also the custom printed beach towel size that most people buy for themselves—light, the right size, and convenient. 

  • Large Beach Towel Size

This size type is for couples or for small families that want to have a beach trip. It is bigger than the standard-sized beach towel, 70 inches by 35 inches size. If you are taller, you can check this towel size as it is taller and broader than the standard. 

  • Oversized Beach Towel Size 

If you want to spread out your belongings and still have space to lie down, you can go for a size slightly greater than the larger size. So that you won’t feel cramped up, go for 74 inches by 40 inches. This is good to grab when you want to have your things, just an arm’s reach while you lie chill. 

  • Monster Beach Towel Size

This size of beach towel is considered the supersized beach towel as it measures 120 inches by 120 inches. Labeled as the most oversized beach towel, it can accommodate much space to enjoy the beach. A full pack and all-in-one beach towel you can use in anything. 

available sizes of Custom Beach towels

Moreover, choosing suitable sizes also depend on how you want to use them. Here are some activities where you can use a specific-size of custom printed beach towel. 

1. Sunbathing– for this instance, you need a larger customize towel to accommodate your full height. This will allow you to lie down comfortably without any worries. 

sunbathing-custom printed beach towel

2. Swimming– unlike the larger sizes for sunbathing, you can use a medium or standard size for swimming. Since you will only use this to cover a portion of your body or you will only use it to dry yourself up. 

swimming-custom printed beach towel

3. Picnic – if you go for a family picnic by the beach, an oversized beach towel or the monster supersized beach towel can serve you way better. It has ample width and length to accommodate several people in one sitting.

picnic-custom printed beach towel

How to choose the right size of beach towels

So, by now, you already know that the correct size matters when picking custom swim towels. However, the market is well bombarded with so many size options available. How can you determine which is good for you? 

Consider these points below to guide you further:

  1. Now, take into consideration your height and weight. 
  2. Look at beach towel size charts. 
  3. Compare your body size to the beach towel size charts. 

Note. If you are taller and in a larger build, go for a size larger. For example, choose the large or extra-large size if you are in a medium size. 

Thus, the best custom swim towel size should cover your body regardless of your physique. What is the best beach towel?

picking custom swim towels

Besides the above sizing factors, here is a critical basis you should also consider when buying yourself a custom beach towel for a trip to the beach.

1. Thickness – while most of us enjoy regular bath towels’ comfort and cozy feels, a beach towel will always go for lighter and stronger density. This is because beach towels are more exposed to tears and wear from the sand and stones. It is also exposed to salty sea water or chlorinated pool water. It dries up, usually even without properly rinsing on clean water.  

Thickness of custom beach towels

2. Appearance– average bath towels are usually plain and in white or monotone, earth colors. However, beach towels are made from loud and bold prints and hues. These color scheme choices let it blend in the environment and flaunt its owner’s personality and style. 

appearance of custom beach towels

3. Function – swimming towels can be customized, or specifications are ready to order to suit some precise parts. For example, if you want something to warm your kid while at the beach, several brands offer cotton-made fabric beach towels to answer these needs. There are beach towels also that have hoods.

Function of custom beach towels

4. Material – A good beachtowel is made from microfiber. This cloth material has superb absorbency that keeps the wearer dry and warm enough. It is soft and breathable as well. 

Material of custom beach towels

Where to Find the Best Custom Beach Towels?

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4inbandana beach towels can be used as beach mats and picnic blankets. You need not worry about how to order from them because they have created a reliable ordering system through their website. And they are backed by professional customer service representatives to assist you with your orders, especially in design and sizes.

4inabandana also specializes in brand promotion by giving the best deals on orders in bulk numbers. They deliver it in an individually packed piece. They assure their customers that they have checked and sanitized each item one by one before sending them through their delivery. 

What are you waiting for? Are you heading for the beach? Be sure to get yourself a personalized beach towel ready to rock on! 

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