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Western movies often times have a cowboy in the cast. And if you have seen one, bet they are wearing hats and cowboy bandanas around necks that totally boosts their charm. If there are cowboy bandits in that movie who are to rob a bank, they usually have this cowboy bandana pulled up to cover their faces.

Some terms associated with this cowboy outfit are kerchief, mascara, bandana or buckaroo scarf, and a wild rag. But howsoever it is called; indeed, this clothing piece is an essential tool for a cowboy. And one thing is certain, no real cowboy will have his day without wearing that bandana cowboy around his neck.


Cowboys is one of the most popular terms in pop culture. You can hear it in songs, stories, poems, and movies. We might be familiar with the term, but do we know what it means? There is a lot of representation present in the media that portray a cowboy. One of which is the animal herder. They herd animals and take care of them. But there are many definitions for the popular word.


What is a Cowboy?

  • First and foremost, the term ‘cowboy‘ doesn’t only describe the male demographic. It also consists of girls, and they are called cowgirls. However, because society portrays animal herding as a male thing, girls are discouraged from wanting to be one. Thankfully, times have changed, and girls can be as accessible and brave as they want to be.


  • A cowboy can also be an adjective. When a person says, “Hey there cowboy!” when you aren’t in a barren wasteland with a horse and the iconic cowboy bandana and hat, they probably talk about your personality. The adjective cowboy can mean recklessness, wildness, or independence. You fall into these adjectives when you hear that you are like a cowboy. It is mostly positive, considering cowboys have a tough job.
  • The term cowboy can also be a sport. Yes, an event you would want to play in. Its full name is The Rodeo Cowboy. It’s one of the fastest-growing sports nowadays. People would play bets on who will win, and it’s delightful to watch. The thrill of watching two players compete for the first place is so exciting that it would make people jump out of happiness. Trevor Brazile is known as The Greatest Rodeo Cowboy globally because of this sport.
  • The most popular one is cowboys as an animal herder. The age range can usually be 16-30, but age can always extend. They typically depict a North American white man dressed in a cowboy hat, and a horse usually accompanies them. It’s ironic considering they’re known as ‘cowboys,’ and the animal associated with them isn’t a cow.

The Range of Cowboy Fashion

The most iconic part of this definition is their outfit. When you see a person in their pair of dusty boots, a long-sleeved button-down shirt, and some wacky hat, you immediately think of a cowboy. The look is so popular that it even made some of today’s biggest celebrities. The best example is the rapper Lil Nas X, who started his career with Old Town Road. He managed to revive and reclassify this genre and concept of music due to his race and his preferences. He also helped resurrect this look into pop culture again.

Everything about the cowboy look is iconic, but many people started to wonder about its details. Is there any specific name for the cowboy hat? Do you need to have the particular shoes, or can you roleplay and fake them? Many of these questions already have answers, except why do cowboys wear bandanas?

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So, why do Cowboys Wear Bandanas?

  1. The first and the most logical one is to protect them from the cold. The term cowboys originated in North America. It can be icy, and cowboys wear bandanas around their necks to protect them from getting a cold. People might take the cold weather for granted because of how common it is, but we can’t deny that some illnesses could lead to difficult situations. It can even cause death to anyone who’s not careful. Hypothermia is one of those. Cold weather can also give you a heart attack, figuratively or literally. Your heart works harder to keep you hot and warm when you are outside and it’s cold. You can’t herd animals if you’re sick, and the cowboy-style bandanas help them prevent it from happening.

2. It can also protect them from heat. There’s no denying that a cowboy’s work is already very tiring, much more if we consider the heat of the sun. The flares and the heat can be very annoying, especially if you’re doing something fundamental. Cowboy bandanas are styled as cowboy bandanas in a way where they can easily make them into a mask. They are triangular, which is convenient when covering the lower half of your face from the extreme heat coming from the sun. Excessive heat can cause painful sunburns, which would only worsen our already might and busy cowboys. Plus, with COVID still around, they can make it into a unique mask to stand out from the crowd.

3. Bandanas can also help them protect their eyes or face. When working on a farm, yard, or anything that involves an open environment, you cannot ignore the amount of dust in your eyes. Cowboy scarf can help filter out these clouds of dust so that our cowboys can have a better working experience without any itchy eyes. It can also be a handkerchief to wipe off sweat from your face. When you are working, and you don’t have time to grab a towel to wipe the dirt off of your face, you can always tie it up on your neck, just like what our dear cowboys do.

4. Even though cowboys are deemed masculine, they also need a sense of fashion. Yes, it’s not the purpose of why cowboys wear them, but it made the cowboy outfit flourish in the fashion industry. Many prominent personalities who are already household names adore these western bandanas. With the right color and fabric combination, I’m sure these cowboys can not only slay in the rodeo but also on the runway.


Where can I get Cowboy Bandanas?

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