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Humans love dogs; true to that, they are hailed as the top favorite pets worldwide. Indeed, this domesticated animal’s best friend plays an essential role in every household. To the extent that we can see them wearing clothes and accessories, such as dog patches, dog bandanas, even colorful dog collars, too!

Yes, dogs are trained and even have regular doctor’s visits. They are treated with love and compassion by their pet owners. They even have their wardrobe that they can stage for an outfit of the day. And one specific item in a dog’s everyday business is its dog collar. They are usually in a bright hue that makes these pets look welcoming and lovable.

However, these dog collar’s colors have some meaning that speaks of the dog’s personality. Want to know more about dog collar color? Read on.

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Where Did the Dog Collar Colors Come From?

We can trace the history of dog collar since the Mesopotamian age. Evidence proved that they could be the inventors of dog collars. Their dog collars at those times were simple cords thrown around the dog’s neck for the owner to control the dog.  

Dog trainer Terry Ryan initiated the “Dog Yellow Project” from Australia in 2000. His idea came from equestrian shows or competitions that let horses wear red ribbons on their tails. The red ribbon indicates that the horse is not keen on touching or people getting close to them. And they might get kicked off if the horse’s personal space is invaded.

Ryan’s ‘Dog Yellow Project” entails those dogs who wear a yellow leash or collar that needs space for whatever reason. This sign gives fellow dog walkers or owners that they should not pet or get in the way of the dog for any reason. These dogs can be intimidated, shy, or simply not comfortable being pets in recovery from surgery or training.


Since then, the practice has spread throughout Sweden and Canada through co-dog owners, dog trainers, and behaviorists.

In 2012, the “Yellow Dog Project” concept expanded by including other dog collar colors. Some pet owners in the UK also opt for a dog collar with imprints such as “Training” or “Nervous.”

While the initial concept is to warn other people of the “might be” poor behavior of the dog, Jon Saville – founder of Friendly Dog Collars, thought that it is equally important to highlight a friendly and well-mannered dog to the public. This is inevitable, especially when combatting different breed stereotypes.

The spread of using the yellow ribbon and color-coded leashes grew over Europe, North America, and Australia.

What do the different colors mean?

So, there are a lot of colors being used as dog collar signs all over the world. And the list below is amongst the standard and widely used colors with their meaning. Go over it and hope you can choose the suitable color collar for your dog. 

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  • Red Dog Collar – Caution

Dogs with red dog collar signify caution. Anyone should be careful in getting near the dog since it can be aggressive and angry towards humans and dogs. The best step you can do is to ignore and not get near the dog. Its red collar screams, “I need SPACE.” So, let’s give it to them and save ourselves from harm.

  • Orange Dog Collar– NO DOGS

Dogs with red dog collar signify caution. Anyone should be careful in getting near the dog since it can be aggressive and angry towards humans and dogs. The best step you can do is to ignore and not get near the dog. Its red collar screams, “I need SPACE.” So, let’s give it to them and save ourselves from harm.

These pups with orange dog collar are friendly toward people but not toward other dogs. If you are walking around the park with your dog and see a dog with an orange collar, treat it as wearing a red collar. But if you are not with your dog, you can ask the owner if you can pet their dog.  

  • Green Dog Collar– Friendly

Canines with green collar love meeting new friends, either humans or dogs. If you see a dog with a green collar, you can ask the owner politely if you can say hi or pet the dog. This is just a common courtesy to ask first and not to pet the dog directly.

  • WhiteDog Collar – Deaf/Blind

The white dog collar means that the pup has a partial or complete disability of being blind or deaf. While it can be considered to like to pet the dog more because of its disability, it is common sense not to startle the dog. Give dogs special consideration since they may not be able to hear or see you coming.

  • Yellow Dog Collar– Nervous/Adoption

Seeing a dog with a yellow dog collar entail that the dog can be anxious or nervous around other people or dogs. They might be recovering from an injury, trauma, or heat. Some dogs who are already old wear this collar color code to tell others that the dog is not as active but not as welcoming also. Giving them ample space is the best thing you can do.

Other than that, a yellow color dog collar also may mean that the dog is in need of a new home. There are some who prints the word “for adoption” or “adoption” on the yellow dog collar to give emphasis to the meaning of the collar hue.

  • Blue Dog Collar– Training/Working/In-service

These dogs need to focus on what they are tasked to do. So, by wearing blue-collar, they can tell other pet owners that they need no distractions or further interaction. They may appear friendly, but sure they’ll appreciate space to focus on their jobs. Unless you are called or permitted by the trainer or owner, do not pet them.


  • Purple Dog Collar– Do not Feed

Pups love to eat, but some are still on a strict diet, have food allergies, have weight problems, or are recovering from surgery. Therefore, you should not feed dogs with purple color dog collars with anything.

  • Black Dog Collar

A black does not indicate anything special. But many dog owners like to have it worn by their dog since the color goes well with anything. And it looks sleek and clean.

  • PinkDog Collar

Another color of dog collar that is used for fashion purposes is pink. It looks nice and cute, as per dog owners. But most pick this color, especially when they have a female pup. Accordingly, pink entails femininity and softness.

  • GreyDog Collar

Another way of styling your black, white, or grey dog is to have it wear a gray-colored dog collar. It will look excellent and stylish on them.

What are the most popular dog collar colors right now?

There are different colors popular in other countries. But to top them, all green, red and yellow are the most popular. They indicate the most critical cautions anyone needs to know right away. Not that the other colors signify less, but these top three need to be given importance and emphasis, especially when the dog goes out often. 

Are there any concerns with using different color dog collars?

Nowadays, one definition of a reasonable and responsible pet owner includes using proper dog collar colors according to their dog’s personality. Using the right dog collar color for your dog ensures the safety of other dogs and the people around them. It also shows how you support the welfare and rights of every dog with different experiences and needs.

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